A chemistry reaction took place when Passionate collided with Ambitious that created the Amcen Lab Sdn Bhd. We was incorporated in 2014 by a team of less than 5, and till today with more than 120 number of headcounts which can be also an outstanding small medium enterprise resulted from our people’s competency and enthusiasm to drive the company to go beyond unstoppable.

With our company crystal clear ultimate goal, we forward to become a leading laboratory service provider in the region and becoming a complete one stop commercial laboratory service provider. With the recently newly added business segment in Amcen Group such as healthcare services, wellness services, engineering services, and calibration services, Amcen is toward achieving another milestone of business diversification to serve not only industries but also to neighborhood community to have a better tomorrow and competent nation.

在热情与雄心壮志的化学碰撞下,安馨实验室【Amcen Lab Sdn Bhd】最终成立于2014年,由最初不到5人的团队基石发展成如今拥有超过120名员工的杰出中小型企业。这都要归功于所有员工不断地探索和卓越的能力,始终致力于构建一个更加可持续和进步的未来。