Occupational Health Doctor/ Panel Clinic

Occupational Health Doctors visit workplaces and assess a range of work-related health issues. Preventing illness and injuries that can occur as a result of work are an important aspect of occupational medicine, as well as rehabilitation following illness or injury. An OHP oversees maintenance of case histories, health examination reports, and other medical records. They formulate and administer workers health programs, inspect plants and make recommendations regarding sanitation and elimination of health hazards. Most occupational physicians are engaged in private practice or in-plant services.

 Occupational medicine aims to prevent diseases and promote wellness among workers. Occupational health doctors will:
• Have knowledge of potential hazards in the workplace including toxic properties of materials used.
• Be able to evaluate employee fitness for work.
• Be able to diagnose and treat occupational disease and injury.
• Know about rehabilitation methods, health education, and government laws and regulations concerning workplace health.
• Be able to manage health service delivery.